The Potato Chip Golf Drill

The less tense you are, the more fluid your swing will be.  Where does tension show up in your swing?  Does it show up in your arms, hands, shoulders or jaw?  Figure out where you have tension in your swing, then work on relaxing that area. 

One Drill from instructors Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott is the potato chip drill.  Put a tee between your front teeth and hit some shots.  Hit any club and feel the light pressure holding the tee.  Another way to do this is to put a potato chip between your front teeth.  Hit any club you like without biting the chip in half.

Give it a try.

Putt Better - Go By Feel

Do you go short on one putt then long on the next? 

The problem could be that you are not putting by feel. Great putters go by feel.  Try this drill:       

On the practice green, line up a putt.  Just before you putt, close your eyes.  Make your stroke.  Before opening your eyes, try to guess if your ball ended up long, short, or in the hole.  Try this drill from all different lengths as a routine part of your practice.

Golf Challenge - $100 Game

Imagine that you were given a $100 bill before a round of golf.

You get to keep whatever money is in your pocket after the round is through

– except for the charges you incur for the negative or toxic things you say.


 Here is a price list for what your spewing costs:

 A strong, angry reaction -$15 (add $5 for slamming or tossing a club)

 Steaming on the inside and thinking that by not saying anything you’re off the hook -$10

Berating yourself (silently or out loud) or bad mouthing someone else -$10

 Complaining about course conditions, slow play, or club politics -$5

 Making any excuse -$5

 Analyzing a shot in hopes that someone will commiserate with you or that anyone else really cares -$5


Ask yourself, “How much money would I have left over after my round?”