Golf Challenge - $100 Game

Imagine that you were given a $100 bill before a round of golf.

You get to keep whatever money is in your pocket after the round is through

– except for the charges you incur for the negative or toxic things you say.


 Here is a price list for what your spewing costs:

 A strong, angry reaction -$15 (add $5 for slamming or tossing a club)

 Steaming on the inside and thinking that by not saying anything you’re off the hook -$10

Berating yourself (silently or out loud) or bad mouthing someone else -$10

 Complaining about course conditions, slow play, or club politics -$5

 Making any excuse -$5

 Analyzing a shot in hopes that someone will commiserate with you or that anyone else really cares -$5


Ask yourself, “How much money would I have left over after my round?”