Are you having problems hitting your drives in the fairway? Do you struggle with your chips? Or do you just want to hit the ball with more consistency? Private lessons are the best way to improve your golf skills. 

At To The Tee Golf, instructor Mary Beth Kohberger takes a holistic approach to improving your game. She can work with you on swing adjustments but she also goes further into course management and the mental aspects of the game. Drawing on her experience as a W.I.T.S Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Mary Beth Kohberger does what instructional videos can't: achieving the optimal swing for your body type.

Private golf lessons are available for adults and juniors (10-18 years old) in the Spring, Summer, and Fall and are available in 30 or 60 minute increments. Video analysis is offered with most 60 minute lessons. Private lessons are offered for all age groups, so that everyone has a chance to improve their game and have more fun on the golf course.

Buy a Series and Save

When you buy a series of 6 half-hour lessons you save more money. (Individual 30 minute adult lessons cost $75) With a total cost of only $395 ($300 for Jrs) for the 6 lessons, you save $55!  

The entire series must be paid for in advance.    REGISTER



30 Minute Lesson: $75  

60 Minute Lesson: $150 

60 Minute Semi-Private Lesson for 2 Adults: $200



30 Minute Lesson: $60